Desy Campbell provides clients a unique opportunity for self-discovery, personal empowerment, and self- confidence. You can stretch and grow. Change your life by creating a plan. Take action on your plan, and be held accountable by doing what you say you want. Then truly feel accomplished in your results.


About Desy

  • Certified Master Integrative Coach™, trained personally with Debbie Ford of the Ford Institute for Transformational Education
  • Masters of Arts in Counseling, Villanova University.
  • Bachelor of Arts, Cedar Crest College
  • Mentor Coach with the Ford Institute for Transformational Education
  • Member, Culpeper Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of Healthy Culpeper

My credentials and studies include:

  • AFT
  • Healers Who Share
  • Plant Medicine
  • Integrative Coaching™
  • EFT
  • Psych-K
  • Theta Healing™
  • Reiki Master and Teacher

These alternative and complementary healing methods and techniques are tools of transformation so you can be empowered, balanced, and bwellwithin.  My coaching style also include these elements:  Action.  Accountability.  Accomplishment.

A long-time published journalist, mostly about agriculture and the people who work the land, raise the food we eat, and the fiber we wear, Desy also lives the life she writes about.

Other personal interests include bicycling, swimming, travelling, art, music, languages, theater, my ponies, farming, cross-country skiing, my coaching community, my local community



I work with clients who are self-generating and want to focus on the future and not dwell in the past. I like to call it ‘plark’- play and work. This is a magical transformation process that gets you out of your head and all that chatter and into your heart – that place that connects each of us with our passions and our unique gifts.

What area of your life are you most wanting to change?

What is working for you?

What is your vision of your life – and how are you making it happen?

If you don’t have a vision, what is it that you really, really, really want?

And, how are you going to get it unless you hire a coach?

Let’s take action, creating your vision and your goals. I’ll hold you accountable for doing what you say you want. And, you’ll feel acknowledged and accomplished as a result of our time together. Each week you take action, maximize your talents, achieve results and succeed right now.

One on One sessions by phone for 1 hour. Coaching is by telephone, so it is convenient, easy and safe. There is no commute; there are no bad hair days. Let’s Change Your Story

  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Career issues and choices
  • Leisure issues and choices
  • Family and relationship issues

Laser Coaching sessions on the phone

  • 30 minutes for clarity on one particular issue

Consulting and Facilitating for Groups

  • Creating Visions and Goals
  • Concepts of Integrative Coaching tm
  • Reiki – its history and general usage
  • Alternative Healing Techniques



An energetic body, mind, and spirit healing modality.

rei = (ray) spirit from above and ki = (key)  chi or personal energy

Reiki brings relaxation, reduces stress, brings clarity, and even sleep.  Reiki alleviates pain, stiff arthritis fingers, stomach aches, crying babies on airplanes.

Reiki is an age-old life skill, with tremendous relevance in today’s world.

One-on-One Session:

Pre-arranged by phone appointment for people and your pets or companion animals.

Reiki I, II, III:

From time to time I teach Reiki. This is a three level process, through classroom and personal experience leading towards understanding, utilization and ease of use. Each Reiki training enhances one’s self development as well as certain Reiki skills. Practice with class peers and with practice clients to complete certification requirements.

Reiki Attunements:

By special request.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

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The best part of winter for me is Snow

The best part of winter for me is snow, so  I can cross country ski on the fields for a little while. Snow doesn’t always present itself in Virginia. This winter of 2015 we’ve had more than our fair share

Reiki with horses, ponies, companion animals

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“What’s Reiki ?” Talk

At the Beck House, 550 Sunset Lane, Culpeper, Va  part of Culpeper Regional Hospital September 25, 2014   6:30-8 pm     Free You’ll learn the history of Reiki, about energy, and get to experience what it’s like. more information:  Desy Campbell   540.825.0681   or